I have been working with people since 2005, helping with pain and stress management. Including personal trauma, body realignment, spiritual ease, skin therapy and monthly tune-ups.  

It is important to realize the tools that are available to take control of personal growth and self help.  I am here to coach, provide connection to other healers and guide at-home healing.  Alternative healthcare and preventative care is how we keep ourselves healthy.  

My mission is to help people get on track and listen to their inner voice.  The best person for healing is the person being healed.  I am a catalyst,  providing a foundation for growth.  If you are ready to step into your power, let your pain and physical struggle diminish, then we could be a perfect match.  

*National Holistic Institute, San Francisco          Massage Therapist - 2005
*Skin Science Institute, Salt Lake City                    Master Esthetician - 2009
*Blue Sky Healing, Wisconsin                                    Lighterian Reiki Master - 2014
*Snow Lotus, Santa Rosa                                             Aromatherapy Acupressure - 2015